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4 Reasons Why Leaflet Marketing Still Works in 2014

4 Reasons Why Leaflet Marketing Still Works in 2014

Leaflet marketing has been one of the staples of marketing and promotion ever since the printing press and process has been invented.

I’ve had many people ask me before about what kind of print media is effective for marketing, and I always tell them that leaflets are one of the tried and tested methods.

There are several reasons for this, one of which being that it is one of the easiest ways to disperse information, as well as one of the cheapest.

Paired with some posters, leaflets can be a truly great tool for advertising.

And even now in 2014, they’ll still work fantastically here are a few reasons why.


What Does Your Business Card Say About You

What Does Your Business Card Say About You

Every professional or business owner has to have a business card.

It’s just one of those things that has pretty much become standard these days.

Business cards are so ingrained into society that despite the fact that everything and everyone is going digital, people still have cards in their wallets or pockets as they are very handy when it comes to networking.

It also helps you to come across as professional when you hand a business card to someone rather than just telling them your contact details.

But what does your business card say about you?


Advertising Real Estate in Print

I recently came in contact with Mr Stone, a real estate agent based in London. I wanted to ask him for some advice regarding real estate advertising, and whether or not print ads are still relevant in this medium, especially since the majority of people now turn to the internet to look for real estate listings. It seems that most people do not even look at newspapers and magazines any more if they are searching for real estate. Some journalists have even postulated that print media is dead.

However, print media is not dead. In fact, it is still in full swing. It just so happens that print media has instead evolved, and so have real estate listings.

The truth is, in an age of internet marketing scams and emails, which are incredibly cheap, many people still choose to get their listings from print ads. So what are the advantages of advertising your real estate listings in print media?

adsPotential buyers are more likely to trust your listing
Internet scams and emails are so cheap to produce that most people do not really trust them. The difference with printed listings is that they still require a fair amount of money to produce, so buyers tend to see it as a more trustworthy option.

After all, print ads are also often found in trusted newspapers and magazines, so it is still a very good choice for estate agents.
Print still advertises for online listings
The majority of people who view online listings still find the original listing on a print ad. They simply check the website in order to find out more, rather than finding the site through some other means.

The problem with the internet is that it is so vast, and even with a good search engine, it will still be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

Print ads are much easier to navigate, and it is easy to simply look up the website listed on your print ad than it is to find a property listing online.
Print signs still have a sizeable market
With newspapers and magazines slowly becoming less popular choices for finding home listings, printed signs still make up 80% of the market.

Simply seeing a “for sale” sign or a nice billboard is still one of the most popular ways for people to find the home that they are looking for. Estate agents also use printed signs to advertise their real estate companies. The thing about printed ads is that they still define your company online listingsbetter than online listings.
Business cards still do wonders for referrals
When it comes to real estate advertising, referrals are still the most popular ways to sell a house. It actually beats out both print advertising and online advertising, since word of mouth and networking still rules supreme.
However, with referrals, print is still important, especially if you want to make a good impression. Your business card is the key to good advertising and making sure that your name as a real estate agent is remembered.

Why Sometimes Accepting Payment in Kind is Actually Great

paymentAs an entrepreneur and businessman, I always love to say that there is nothing better than cold hard cash. I like getting paid in cash. I can feel it in my hands. It is tangible. There is nothing that can change the fact that I have this cash in my hand–this cash exists, and it is mine to do with what I wish.

Eventually credit came and that’s good too… I just had to kind of live with the fact that credit exists and it is a very valid form of payment. However there is another form of payment that people still try to do these days even though cash is king and most people would prefer cash in any situation.

I’m talking about payment in kind–which is basically bartering, in a way. You do someone a service or give them a product, and they give you something of equal or higher value in return.

It’s not cash, but sometimes if it is something that you really need or want, then this system works just fine–especially if you do not mind the fact that you will have to trade for it. Regardless, you are not handing out cash, they are not handing out cash, and as long as you find a way to always be the one on the better end of the deal…then you will be just fine.

Anyway… Here are a few reasons why accepting payment in kind is actually great, and can be quite great for you.

money, cashIf You Know How to Barter, You Will End Up with The Better Deal
Recently I have had the pleasure of bartering a few reams of high quality paper for a few days stay in Cumbria.

I had been looking for places in Ullswater where I could spend a weekend as a small holiday with my wife. We ended up in talks with this hotel owner who was looking to advertise and print many flyers and promotional material that they could then distribute.

I offered up some of my paper reams–high quality glossy brochure paper–in return for a couple of days of accommodation. The hotel owner agreed. One night at his hotel? Eighty pounds. He offered me two nights.

The reams of paper cost eighty pounds in total. I got the better end of the deal, but both parties walked away happy because no cash was put out!

You Learn to Haggle and Bargain
Another direct benefit of payment in kind is you learn to better bargain and haggle. You do have to end up with the better deal after all, so what better way would there be to do that other than to haggle your way into it?

Understanding Online Payments


You have to be able to do so without going too far, but also enough to the point where you can actually get the deal. Haggling and bargaining is very much an art and skill that you can hone.


Designing a Brochure for a Furniture Shop

Brochure SampleBranding and advertising through print media is possible as I’ve already outlined in many of my previous blog posts. You can look through them and have a read if you want—then come back to this post. This time around I’m going to be writing about designing a brochure for a furniture shop.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor of one such business and they asked me how they could improve their business’ brochure as it was not getting much attention. They said that it would get a cursory look through and then the people would then either return or discard the brochure.

There are many different elements that make up a well-designed brochure, and I think I have even highlighted them on the website before. But this time around since we’re talking about designing a brochure for a furniture shop, let’s talk about what elements would make a good design for this brochure.

Use Images Appropriately
Coffee Table DesignRedesigning your brochure shouldn’t be an incredibly difficult thing to do—as a matter of fact it should become even easier if you hire someone to do it for you. However, if you are not really looking to hire a graphic designer to design the brochure for you, then you can still do it all yourself, as long as you remember to design everything appropriately.

For example, using an image of a solid wood coffee table on the cover of the brochure is a much better decision than say, using a picture of some scenery. Show off your storefront or even a lot of your products—just keep it all relevant and interesting.

Stay on Point
If you want to be sure that you are going to get AND keep a customer’s interest, then make sure that your brochure stays on point. If you are selling furniture, then keep your brochure about furniture. There is not much need to talk about anything else, unless it is related to your business in some way (your business’ history for example, is alright).

Provide Enough Info but Gain Enough Interest and Curiosity
CoffeeOn your brochure, you should always provide information so that the person reading it will know what you are all about. However, at the same time, you should always leave out enough information to make them curious.

For example, give them enough info to pique their interest, but then after giving them that information leave something like “please inquire to find out more” so that they can call you themselves to ask. This is a great way for you to be able to convert a lead into an actual sale.

How to Make an Effective Brochure

Leave a Way for Them to Contact You
Of course, you can’t just garner interest and curiosity and then not at all even bother to leave some way for them to get in touch. Leave a contact number, or even your storefront address so that they know how they can get in touch with you and get the info they want.

Tips for Using Banners for Advertising and Promotions

Business SuccessIf you have been using promotional banners for your business without success, you may want to try the following tips for improving your advertising. Banners are one of the oldest ways to advertise your business, and they are a bit like oversized flyers that are meant to hang from buildings, trains, and other large surfaces.

In fact, banner advertising is so effective that it has also been used online, and to great success. Instead of printing the banners and posting them around town, online banner ads are placed on web pages.

However, today we will be discussing printed promotional banners and how to make sure that it works.

Use standard banner sizes

New Product BannerMost advertising spots specify a standard banner size for posting. Ask your local advertising agency what the recommended size is for a banner. Try to figure out where it will be posted and who will be seeing it. Naturally, if you want to reach people who are riding in cars or in trains, you will want a larger banner size.

A standard banner size also makes printing much easier and cost effective. Having custom sizes wastes manpower as your print shop will be forced to cut the banner down to size.

Include hierarchy components

Most banners need to show a specific set of information to make sure that you get the message across. For banners, there are three basic components: Value proposition, call to action, and signature.

Value proposition is what your banner is advertising. It can be a catchy headline or it can be an invitation for an ongoing sale. Basically, you propose what the item is and try to convince the banner viewer that your product is valuable in some way.

Call to action will tell your customers what to do next. You can tell them to join a raffle, go to your store, or something similar. The goal is to get your potential customer to seek out what you are advertising.

The Importance of An Effective Business Call To Action

Finally, you have your signature. Your company logo is the best way to add brand identity to your banner. If your company is already well-known, the hierarchy of the logo goes up. If not, you should still add your logo to help bolster your reputation.

Hire a professional graphic designer

Graphics DesignerYou may want to hire a professional graphic designer in order to get the design just right. Tell him or her what kind of design you are looking for and ask him to provide several mock ups. Remember to treat your designer with respect and be clear and concise over what kind of design you have in mind. It would also be a good idea to specify what your brand identity is so that the poster design is consistent.

A designer is usually the best choice for getting a good promotional poster. Remember that your banner should be beautiful, but not cluttered, as it will only overwhelm those who see your banner. Promotional banners should be informative and eye-catching to be effective.

How to Advertise Your Golf Packages

GOLFER SILHOUETTE (2)Golfing is a wonderful, relaxing sport that is sought out by people of all ages. Younger people are attracted to the sporting aspect, while middle aged businessmen seek it out as an opportunity to build business relationships.

Senior citizens also enjoy golf as a relaxing, low impact sport that allows them to enjoy the great outdoors peacefully.

Now, a client wanted me to advertise a golfing package in Turkey. They asked me how they can effectively use flyer and leaflet marketing to advertise their foreign golf courses in Turkey and other countries.

I accompanied the client to their own golf course here in England, and studied which areas would benefit most with the right exposure. High traffic areas where patrons spend a lot of time in is a great way to your golf packages abroad.

I took all the measurements and sent them to my graphic design team so that they can start designing for our client. Here is the best way to advertise your golfing packages in Turkey and abroad:

Place leaflets along the entrance of your golf course

Naturally, the entrance way is a high traffic area since anyone who is visiting your golf course would be passing through it. Advertising your deluxe Turkish golf packages along the entrance is a great way to catch a guest’s attention.

Place ads on score cards

Golfing score cards get a lot of viewing time as they are carried around and looked at almost constantly. You can place your golf package ads behind the card or in a small corner at the front.

The ample amount of space makes it the ideal flyer for your clients. Unlike other flyers, which tend to be thrown away, ads on score cards are bound to be kept and carried around for longer periods of time.

Place ads on shoe cleaning stations

Many ladies and gentlemen who enjoy golf tend to spend for their own pair of expensive golf shoes. Any golf course that is worth its salt typically has a shoe cleaning station so that patrons can have their shoes cleaned before and after they leave.

Shoe cleaning stations are a fantastic option for advertising, as clients will likely spend five minutes or so having their shoes cleaned and will likely spend time to read through your ad.


Place ads in in-cup advertising

In-cup advertising is when you place a logo or a slogan on the cups that hold the putt or the flag sticks. While a bit limited since the printing area is so small, you can get a lot done by advertising in this area.

Your patrons will see the ad throughout their stay in the golf course, and they will see it every time they make a putt or replace a flag stick.


Place leaflets in the golf cart

Your clients will also spend a lot of time sitting and driving around in their golf cart. You should place leaflets inside the cart advertising your golf holiday abroad.

Provide extra leaflets that they can take home if they so choose.

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