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4 Reasons Why Leaflet Marketing Still Works in 2014

4 Reasons Why Leaflet Marketing Still Works in 2014

Leaflet marketing has been one of the staples of marketing and promotion ever since the printing press and process has been invented.

I’ve had many people ask me before about what kind of print media is effective for marketing, and I always tell them that leaflets are one of the tried and tested methods.

There are several reasons for this, one of which being that it is one of the easiest ways to disperse information, as well as one of the cheapest.

Paired with some posters, leaflets can be a truly great tool for advertising.

And even now in 2014, they’ll still work fantastically here are a few reasons why.


What Does Your Business Card Say About You

What Does Your Business Card Say About You

Every professional or business owner has to have a business card.

It’s just one of those things that has pretty much become standard these days.

Business cards are so ingrained into society that despite the fact that everything and everyone is going digital, people still have cards in their wallets or pockets as they are very handy when it comes to networking.

It also helps you to come across as professional when you hand a business card to someone rather than just telling them your contact details.

But what does your business card say about you?


Tips for Using Banners for Advertising and Promotions

Business SuccessIf you have been using promotional banners for your business without success, you may want to try the following tips for improving your advertising. Banners are one of the oldest ways to advertise your business, and they are a bit like oversized flyers that are meant to hang from buildings, trains, and other large surfaces.

In fact, banner advertising is so effective that it has also been used online, and to great success. Instead of printing the banners and posting them around town, online banner ads are placed on web pages.

However, today we will be discussing printed promotional banners and how to make sure that it works.

Use standard banner sizes

New Product BannerMost advertising spots specify a standard banner size for posting. Ask your local advertising agency what the recommended size is for a banner. Try to figure out where it will be posted and who will be seeing it. Naturally, if you want to reach people who are riding in cars or in trains, you will want a larger banner size.

A standard banner size also makes printing much easier and cost effective. Having custom sizes wastes manpower as your print shop will be forced to cut the banner down to size.

Include hierarchy components

Most banners need to show a specific set of information to make sure that you get the message across. For banners, there are three basic components: Value proposition, call to action, and signature.

Value proposition is what your banner is advertising. It can be a catchy headline or it can be an invitation for an ongoing sale. Basically, you propose what the item is and try to convince the banner viewer that your product is valuable in some way.

Call to action will tell your customers what to do next. You can tell them to join a raffle, go to your store, or something similar. The goal is to get your potential customer to seek out what you are advertising.

The Importance of An Effective Business Call To Action

Finally, you have your signature. Your company logo is the best way to add brand identity to your banner. If your company is already well-known, the hierarchy of the logo goes up. If not, you should still add your logo to help bolster your reputation.

Hire a professional graphic designer

Graphics DesignerYou may want to hire a professional graphic designer in order to get the design just right. Tell him or her what kind of design you are looking for and ask him to provide several mock ups. Remember to treat your designer with respect and be clear and concise over what kind of design you have in mind. It would also be a good idea to specify what your brand identity is so that the poster design is consistent.

A designer is usually the best choice for getting a good promotional poster. Remember that your banner should be beautiful, but not cluttered, as it will only overwhelm those who see your banner. Promotional banners should be informative and eye-catching to be effective.

How to Advertise Your Golf Packages

GOLFER SILHOUETTE (2)Golfing is a wonderful, relaxing sport that is sought out by people of all ages. Younger people are attracted to the sporting aspect, while middle aged businessmen seek it out as an opportunity to build business relationships.

Senior citizens also enjoy golf as a relaxing, low impact sport that allows them to enjoy the great outdoors peacefully.

Now, a client wanted me to advertise a golfing package in Turkey. They asked me how they can effectively use flyer and leaflet marketing to advertise their foreign golf courses in Turkey and other countries.

I accompanied the client to their own golf course here in England, and studied which areas would benefit most with the right exposure. High traffic areas where patrons spend a lot of time in is a great way to your golf packages abroad.

I took all the measurements and sent them to my graphic design team so that they can start designing for our client. Here is the best way to advertise your golfing packages in Turkey and abroad:

Place leaflets along the entrance of your golf course

Naturally, the entrance way is a high traffic area since anyone who is visiting your golf course would be passing through it. Advertising your deluxe Turkish golf packages along the entrance is a great way to catch a guest’s attention.

Place ads on score cards

Golfing score cards get a lot of viewing time as they are carried around and looked at almost constantly. You can place your golf package ads behind the card or in a small corner at the front.

The ample amount of space makes it the ideal flyer for your clients. Unlike other flyers, which tend to be thrown away, ads on score cards are bound to be kept and carried around for longer periods of time.

Place ads on shoe cleaning stations

Many ladies and gentlemen who enjoy golf tend to spend for their own pair of expensive golf shoes. Any golf course that is worth its salt typically has a shoe cleaning station so that patrons can have their shoes cleaned before and after they leave.

Shoe cleaning stations are a fantastic option for advertising, as clients will likely spend five minutes or so having their shoes cleaned and will likely spend time to read through your ad.


Place ads in in-cup advertising

In-cup advertising is when you place a logo or a slogan on the cups that hold the putt or the flag sticks. While a bit limited since the printing area is so small, you can get a lot done by advertising in this area.

Your patrons will see the ad throughout their stay in the golf course, and they will see it every time they make a putt or replace a flag stick.


Place leaflets in the golf cart

Your clients will also spend a lot of time sitting and driving around in their golf cart. You should place leaflets inside the cart advertising your golf holiday abroad.

Provide extra leaflets that they can take home if they so choose.

Advertising to Children About Playgrounds

Advertising to children can be tricky, especially if they are at that age when they are still playing at school and spend the days running around playing tag. I had a client approach me to advertise outdoor play equipment for schools using print.

They asked me for advice because they were a bit stumped about how to advertise to children despite the fact that they are selling playgrounds. I admit that advertising can be very tricky especially if the age group is somewhat younger.

Knowing your target audience can be a challenge, and there is also the question about whether or not you should be advertising to the parent of the child or the child itself. There are distinct advantages to advertising to either demographic, but you will need the right techniques for it.

I asked my client how they wanted to go about it and we agreed that the best way to advertise about playgrounds would be to the children rather than the parents. The rationale behind it is that children are often the ones who ask their parents to go to playgrounds, especially if it looks like a fun activity.

We decided that we wanted to advertise to students who are in the K12 levels. They are more likely to ask their parents or educators to invest in a playground at school.

I put together some tips on how you can advertise your playground to children, whether it is for school or for your neighborhood.

Make it bright and colourful


Advertisements for children should be bright, with minimal text. Go for a large format image in bright colours. If your playground is colourful and complex, it would often look good in a poster as it would be considered more appealing to children.

You want kids to point at it and tell their teachers or parents that they want a playground at their school or neighbourhood park.

Interactive print ads are a hit


Children’s magazines are quickly gaining popularity, so advertising in magazine print ads give plenty of opportunities to be interactive.

The use of games, scents, and even crafts are quite popular and interactive. For my client, we put together a magazine print ad that allowed children to cut out their own miniature playground made of paper. They just needed to cut, fold, and assemble the pieces.

Be mindful of the parents and teachers


Naturally, you want your ad to appeal to the parents and teachers of the children you are advertising to. Be mindful and word things smartly, so that the adults that are watching over the kids would perceive your brand positively. Our playground ads were friendly and easy to digest.

Meanwhile here is a video discussing about the Advertising to Children:


Advertising to children about playgrounds is great. You can help promote healthier lifestyles for children. Needless to say, knowing how to advertise your playgrounds for children is also great for your business, as it would increase your sales.

How to Create an Effective Business Brochure

I once knew a London property refurbishment loan company who had a beautiful and creative business brochure that used various interactive elements to inform potential clients about how to take out a refurbishment loan.

Since I am quite fond of paper and learning how to market your business through print ads, I thought that I should address how to make an effective business brochure. There are many mistakes that people make when designing a brochure, but they can be easily avoided if you follow the following tips.

Choose the appropriate theme

While colourful drawings will work for a company that has a more casual feel such as a coffee shop, a company with serious themes such as a loan company may want to keep it subtle and on point. One thing that I have realized from successful brochures is that they keep the theme and the colour scheme limited, keeping in touch with the design of the company’s logo.

You also have to be creative when choosing a theme, so that your brochure looks unique and stands out. Beautiful brochures are less likely to be thrown away.


Create a minimalist and eye catching front panel

When it comes to the front panel, you will want to stay on the minimalist side as a design that is too convoluted will look cluttered and difficult to read. You will need to have a clean design that is eye catching and piques the reader’s interest.

You may also want to include your company’s name and logo, as well as a good catchphrase or slogan. You may need to do some extensive market research at this point to see what your audience will find attractive in a slogan.

Hire a professional copywriter

Copywriters are there to provide high quality content that appeals to an audience. They are needed if you want your brochure to have good content that is the perfect balance of information and entertainment. Your brochure content should be informative and straight to the point – your readers should be able to process it at a glance. Lists and bullet points are highly preferred.


Hire a great graphic designer

One way to ensure that your brochure is effective is to hire a graphic designer or at least someone who has the background in designing an effective brochure. Layout is very important in creating a good brochure so you may want to find someone who specializes in this area.

Take a look at this very informative video about Brochure design tips:

Always have a call to action

While your brochure is there to provide information, it is also a way of advertising Always include a call to action in at least one page so that your clients will know what to do with the information once they have it.

Give them a way to contact you, especially through phone and e-mail. Your call to action should sound urgent and trustworthy, but not pushy as this will only aggravate your client and make them less likely to use your brochure to contact your business.

Print Ads Trends in 2014

We are currently more than half way through 2014 and after watching the various advertising tips for this year, I have noticed that there is a massive resurgence in the popularity of print ads. While 2013 was a digital year that was controlled by social media presence and grass roots advertising, print ads are once again becoming popular.

I even know a solicitor specialising in medical negligence that used coffee shop take-away brochures to advertise their business, making sure that they place the ads in cafés that are found close by to hospitals and other health facilities. The campaign proved to be very beneficial to their business, as they have noticed a 14% increase in calls from people who are looking for assistance regarding their medical negligence cases.

So, what are the print ad trends of this year? Read on to find out more.

Variable printing


Gone were the days when each piece of printing required to be all the same. Variable printing is the process of adding small differences in each print piece, adding variety and a more personalized touch to your print ads. I am sure that you are all aware of the Coca-Cola company’s most recent print media sensation – the “Share a Coke With” campaign.

Unique and popular names are printed on cola bottles and shipped. Each bottle provides more variety and people are revelling in the enjoyment of seeing their names printed on the bottle. Variable printing helps your business stand out from the crowd and has people sharing your ads with everyone.

More QR codes


QR codes are like the more complex follow up to bar codes. Instead of just holding a single piece of information, QR codes are capable of storing huge amounts of data in their printed form. With the prevalence of smart phones, practically everyone is now using QR codes to provide additional detail to their brochures, business cards, and the like.

I found this very informative video about Tips for Print advertising (Ideas for Print Ads):


Integration of social media in print media


Have you noticed how almost all forms of printed media, especially bill boards and posters, seem to feature a hash tag? Hash tags are predominantly used in social media, but print ads seem to embrace the hash tag to improve their chances of trending online.

Online trends are easy to follow thanks to hash tags, because they lump together all of the content that is currently circulating. It is no wonder that companies that use hash tags in their print media have received considerable attention online.

Of course, you should also add your website, Facebook account, and other social media accounts to your print ads so that everyone can easily look you up without any guess work.

Promotional items


Print ads are not limited to just paper. A great way to get relatively free advertising is to print more promotional items. Mugs, umbrellas, bags, and most of all, t-shirts, are all great print advertisements that can also be used for promotional purposes.

Promotional items are especially popular in the music industry, where band names and album names are emblazoned on the shirts of dedicated fans.

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